Home Theatre room

Home Theatre room

The Home Theatre build… PART 1

The home theatre room started out as a double internal garage. I wasn’t overly in need of a garage as we already have a larger one on the property, plus a barn.

So, I set about building the ultimate home theatre room.

I started out by doing the research, which led to a room within a room design. So there are two sets of walls, internal and external. This stops any vibrations from base from travelling thru the walls. Here’s the plans I designed around the space I had available.



I deviated from the plan only slightly in that I made the door into the computer room a double, so there is an internal door which opens inwards as well.

The doors I purchased from a local demo yard in Drury. They were very solid and very heavy. Perfect for my requirements!

I used 13mm noiseline Gib on the walls, and double layers on the ceiling! That was A LOT of Gib…

First off, we started with the framing. The floor was made out of thick plywood and raised off the floor to make room for the Buttkickers.

IMG_0931 IMG_0940

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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