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New Place

New Place

What’s happen’in?

Well, I live in the Bombay Hills now.

It’s been a wild few months, with renovations happeing around the place. I’ve been wallpapering, and I built an entire Home Theatre room in the double internal garage.

The astronomy hobby hasn’t been forgotten. Far from it in fact, one of the reasons to move out here was the clear dark skies, high altitude (~250m) and lack of pollution and planes flying over every five minutes! – The old place was in the flight path for the airport!

It’s a lifestyle block, about 3.5 acres and I have an old building out in the middle of a paddock that will be ideal to use as an observatory!



It needs a lot of fixing up however.

I’ve still got the old place, it’s currently being rented out. The old observatory is still there, as it’s not really possible to move it. However I have plans to relocate the dome here soon.

So in the mean time I’ve doing a little astronomy the hard way by setting up in the field and taking it down at night. It’s a bit painful but until I get the observatory built, no real option.

Here’s some pics of the new place if your interested, click the flickr logo below.


-Kirk out.


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Written by Andrew Kirk


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