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Autoguider is good. Head isn’t.

Autoguider is good. Head isn’t.

Stardate: 28012012

Well, this post is a few days late, but on Thursday I did some testing on the Lodestar autoguider.

I can now confirm that the cables, camera and mount are all fine.

I increased the amount of guide correction using the hand controller, did a quick align with the telescope and used manual controls in the lodestar software to correct in both declination and ascension axis. I could see the lights (red for one way, green for the other) light up on the lodestar, and I listened very carefully to the motors as I got my partner Sheryl to click the buttons and it was definitely moving.


I must need to play with the software settings a little, which is fine. I just had to eliminate the possibility of a hardware problem first.

In addition to troubleshooting the autoguider, I had a quick go at imaging Jupiter thru my planetary camera.

Unfortunately it was cloudy with fine patches. But not really enough fine patches! I did manage to get a short video, which I’ll try and process, but the conditions were pretty bad.

Oh well.

Went to bed at midnight, so it was an early night.

Managed to bang my head on the counterweights! Ouch! I’ve got a nice cut on my forehead now. ­čÖü and this picture is 3 days later. Who says Astronomy isn’t dangerous…


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Written by Andrew Kirk


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