Autoguiding problems

Autoguiding problems

Stardate: 24012012

Tonight’s mission.


telescope_vsmallTonight’s priorities are based on getting more familiar with the gear and getting some of the fundamentals down pat.

1. To setup a good alignment for reasonable goto performance and tracking.

2. Get the autoguiding working properly

3. use FocusMax and make it work consistently

4. Try out my imaging source DBK 31AU03.AS camera and take some pics of Mars

How did I go?

1. Success

2. Not good – more on this later.

3. Success – telescope tracking was good enough to make it work.

4. Success – I got a video of Mars – well, a round orange blob anyway.

What was the problem with the Autoguiding?

I have a suspicion I may have damaged the guider cable which goes to the mount. It’s seems quite flimsy the way it’s attached.  I had problems getting the telescope control to work. The Camera itself worked fine, and I got some really good low noise pics, but the telescope control was a different story.

I spent half the night troubleshooting with no real solution. I need to look into this in more detail. I found some posts on the web which may help – I’ll read thru them.

A guide to PHD Guiding

A forum topic on Stargazers Lounge about Guiding problems

and a troubleshooting an autoguider article. Google is awesome.

I’m not sure if it’s a cable problem, or a software problem – so more investigation required. When I figure it out, I’ll post my solution.

On a good note, my new camera worked really well.


I just need to figure out Registax now and see what’s involved in getting a good image out of 1000 frames.dbk31au03as

I saw a meteor!!!!! – At the end of the night, red streak low over the neighbors house. Very cool.

I also got a satelite trail thru one of my pics earlier on. Not that exciting, well not like the meteor but first one I’ve seen so there you go.

Up till 4am again, but I’m hoping for better luck tonight. Sleep can wait till it’s cloudy.

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Written by Andrew Kirk


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