2012 November



stardate: 05:11:2012

Bit quiet on the observing front

Its been a while since the last update, so here’s the latest.

The observatory has had a small crack in the fibreglass dome, it’s been there since I had it, and it was held together with a metal brace inside.

So with a little help, it was fixed. Here’s some pictures

picture 005 picture 004

it needs a repaint which I’ll do this week but it’s all good.

Not much observing happening however, the weather has been rubbish.

I did however enter the Auckland Astronomy Association photo competition. I didn’t win anything 🙁 but Rolf Olsen did but, fantastic images from him!

here’s a link to the entries http://www.astronomy.org.nz/pages/Documents/AAS%20Astrophotography%20Deep%20Sky%202012.pdf

and finally, what’s all this about moving?

Well, I’ve bought a new place in Bombay – it’s a small lifestyle block, and I have big plans for an observatory there – we move in 6 weeks.

Stay tuned!

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