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Observatory update

Observatory update

stardate 29052012

Quick Update

First off, apologies for not updating the site recently, we went on holiday to Australia for a couple of weeks on holiday, and I’ve been pretty busy doing stuff to the observatory. Read on.

What have I been doing, well. the walls are on, and the door. It was a bit of a mission actually – you’d think it would be easy, but sadly no. I put some flashing on the corners and used silicon around the top, but there is still some dampness. I’ve now extended the angled lip that goes around the top to see if that works.

Photos will be posted soon.

Wiring, now that was a bit of fun as well. I dug a trench and ran two lots of conduit, one for power and the other one for network and alarm cable. I’m using CAT5e for 1000mb/s networking and I’ve got a 5 port 1000mb/s switch inside the observatory. The alarm is all wired up to the house alarm as well.

A friend of mine (Paul) installed the power points and the lights. There are now 10!!! points in there now, and a set of 2 white LED lights and 2 red lights which are individually switched.

Most of the equipment is in there now, including the telescope. I have two quite old laptops to use, due to the space considerations. I bought a KVM switch and a second hand 19″ dell monitor (which I’m quite impressed with) for $89! – PB Tech rocks, and also a microsoft x4 keyboard. I chose this one due to the fact it has red backlighting, which can be adjusted in brightness. Also, my razor krait mouse from my main computer as it has orange LED’s along the side, apart from looking cool, I figured it might be handy in order to find it in the dark.

A dehumidifier was gathering dust in the laundry so I grabbed that, it can be set to only come on based on the humidity level, which is awesome.


So what’s left? carpet and painting… next update…

Kirk out.

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Written by Andrew Kirk


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