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Good Night Observing

Good Night Observing

Stardate 04032012

Great night observing!

Just as I suspected, the year I get my Telescope is the worst summer in recorded history… check out this article.

that Murphy has a lot to answer for…

We had a massive downpour a couple of days ago, loads of wind, and then… the skies cleared and it fined up. Made for fantastic seeing, no dust particles or pollution in the air…

So, I got out my DBK planetary camera and had a go at imaging the Moon and Jupiter.

I used the camera in prime focus mode, took a bit of fiddling to get the focus right – although I didn’t use FocusMax (I probably should have), just focused manually.


I had a quick go at Mars, but there was too much heat coming off my roof! – If I’d left it until the early hours and used my 3x Barlow it might have worked, but I had work the next day, so I thought it best to work on easier targets. Mars is at opposition right now however, so I really should give it another go soon…

The pictues in the image gallery are the best ones I took, I stacked them in Registax v6.

Quite pleased with the result.

– Kirk out.

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Written by Andrew Kirk


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