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Telescope operational again

Telescope operational again

Stardate 27022012

Telescope is fixed.

The telescope motor control board arrived from High Point Scientific, it’s all installed and everything is working great!

Huge relief there!, and the weather has been a little better than normal lately too, so with any luck the sky will remain clear for some observing sessions.

A big thank you to Robert and Grant!

and the big news….

Observatory here I come!

I managed to pick up a fiberglass dome and base from Trademe – it came with a shed part, but it was rubbish.

Here’s a picture of it



It was all the way out in Tauranga, which is about 2.5 hours drive from home. The dimensions are 2.2 meters square, so it’s quite big and heavy. Managed to get it up to Auckland with a car transporter, and a 4 wheel drive that a friend managed to borrow, with another couple of friends, we managed to get it home… took all day.

As you can see it needs a major clean up and a few repairs, but that’s ok, I just need to prepare a site for it now, and build the ‘shed’ part for it to sit on.

I’ve also been trimming some trees so I get better view of the skyline and I cut one down where the observatory will be going, so I’ve been pretty busy.

and bad news…

Pluto died from liver cancer. It’s been a very sad event, and I miss him very much.


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Written by Andrew Kirk


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